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Baptism, as a holy sacrament, is enormously important to the church and its members. It is so important that Christ himself was baptized prior to launching his earthly ministry and prior to being tested in the wilderness for forty days.

Baptism includes prayer and affirmations of promise. The minister administers the holy sacrament of baptism and is joined by an elder, family and friends and, of course, the congregation. Our form of Baptism normally involves sprinkling of water from our beautiful baptismal font atop the head of the person being baptized.

Baptism is carried out during Christian worship as members of the church are adopted into the covenant family of believers. Baptism enacts and seals what God’s Holy Word proclaims.


Persons can be baptized into the family of Christ any time in their lives from infants to adults. Baptism is an act of God’s grace that binds and seals us into Christ which means there is but one Baptism. The vows of Baptism are in effect renewed with the celebration of Holy Communion once each month.

A worship service that includes Baptism is a joyous celebration as the saints rejoice and the heavens cheer. It is this same enabling, redeeming and reforming Spirit with whom we are joined through Baptism into Christ our Lord.

An infant or a child is baptized and later confirmed as an adult member of the church. All adult members of the church are baptized members. This means that as adult moves to join the church who has never before been baptized then they are baptized in conjunction with becoming a member.

If God has put it on your heart to desire more information about the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, please call us today….. Baptism is important as it was the day the heavens opened and the Spirit descended on Christ in the Jordan.

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